An abdominoplasty, or better known as a tummy tuck, is a procedure done to make your tummy thinner and firmer. Many people will have this procedure done if they have either just had a baby or recently lost a lot of weight. This procedure is performed to help get rid of extra fat and skin. You can find a cosmetic surgeon that can perform a tummy tuck in Naperville, IL.

The Basics

A tummy tuck is done to get rid of excess skin and fat around the abdomen area. It can also make skin firm. There are different degrees of an abdominoplasty that can be done, including: a complete, a partial and an extended abdominoplasty. A complete tummy tuck requires a larger incision than a partial one. An extended abdominoplasty is a combination of a lateral thigh lift and a complete abdominoplasty. During a complete procedure, sometime liposuction will be done as well. If there is any extra fluid, the surgeon may drain that as well. A partial abdominoplasty is less invasive. If you have an extended procedure, you will have a much larger scar.


The recovery process depends on which kind of abdominoplasty you get. There are many more kinds that you can choose from. You must meet certain criteria to have this procedure done. Most recoveries take up to four weeks, sometimes a little longer. During your recovery, you shouldn’t lift heavy objects; you also should try to take some of that time off work. You will probably bruise, swell, and feel discomfort at first. Your surgeon may suggest you wear a special wrap or garment that will compress against your abdomen. This will help your body form its’ new shape; it can also help to reduce the swelling. Many people love their bodies and the results of a tummy tuck.

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