Previously, domestic pipe repairs were fairly complex and could cost homeowners tremendous amounts of money, not to mention cause significant damages to the yard itself.

While the process is still somewhat complex, pipe repair has been made much simpler and less work-intensive than ever before with the implementation of such strategies as CIPP lining (cured in place piping). This process allows repair technicians to existing pipes without needing to dig up the entire yard.

Minimal Disruption and Maximum Effectiveness

The goal is to create a trenchless pipe repair, and the CIPP lining method uses an existing access point to repair within the pipe itself, reaching maximum effectiveness with minimal disruption. Both homeowners and repairmen are drawn to this method as it typically requires far less work and is far more cost-effective.

To learn more about this method and to get in touch with a company capable of performing the task, contact the professionals at Behle Inc., who can walk you through the entire process and help you get started with an excellent piping repair.

How Does it Work?

In short, CIPP lining involves inserting a liner into an existing pipe using water or air pressure and by entering through an existing access point such as a manhole. The process requires little to no digging and effectively replaces the dig and repair methods.

Using advanced and innovative equipment, the liner is essentially inflated to fit tightly to the existing pipe, providing structural integrity and acting as a seamless solution to breaks and other damages of the existing pipe. The liner is then cured using some different methods to harden and act as your new pipe.

While the CIPP lining method is far simpler and affordable, it’s important that your installers are highly experienced with the equipment and familiar with this particular process. You can also follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!

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