When you have visits from family or friends, you want them to experience that warm, welcoming feeling as they come up your drive, but if your driveway is gravel and has become a pothole minefield, or your original asphalt is having issues due to weather or age, you’ll want to consider a serious talk with professional Driveway Pavers in Norwich, CT. Driveway paving is probably one of the most dramatic, but least expensive changes you can make in the appearance of your home, adding to its curb appeal and overall value. And, of course, those visitors will get the kind of welcome they deserve.

Asphalt is generally one of the favored choices when it comes to driveways. Both concrete and asphalt are strong and durable, but because of our climate, asphalt is usually the winner. With our rugged winters we get a fair amount of ground heave and no paved surface can take that unscathed; but experienced Driveway Pavers in Norwich, CT will tell you that blacktop is easier and less expensive to repair once it has cracked, and repairs are harder to detect. Other pluses for asphalt is that it doesn’t show stains as badly as concrete and it doesn’t degrade when exposed to road salt like concrete tends to.

Expert Driveway Pavers can not only install a brand new asphalt driveway for you; they can patch and repair your current blacktop drive, do a complete overlay, or, if it’s called for, they can completely remove the old driveway and install a new one. Once your new drive is installed, it will require some maintenance from time to time. It should be sealed about every three to five years in order to protect it from the elements, keep water out of the base material, and keep it looking like new. It’s not a difficult or expensive task, and many homeowners opt to do it themselves, but you may want to leave it to the professionals when the time comes.

Other services these paving pros can offer include curbing, speed bumps, parking areas, and even tennis courts. They can also perform stonework and grading if your landscaping calls for it, and snow removal is another one of their skills. Licensed, bonded, and insured, The Driveway Guys can provide you with a free estimate and the kind of reputation that goes along with doing Quality asphalt paving since 1973.

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