Dental implants are artificial roots that are implanted into the jawbone to simulate the root of a missing tooth. It can restore masticatory function and aesthetics almost immediately (in some cases 24 hours). The main advantage of implants is that once a dental implant is fixed in place, it can last for many years with proper treatment and care. These implants are composed of two parts: the titanium bolt, which is integrated into the bone, and the crown, which is made in the laboratory to achieve a natural appearance.

Virtually all those who have lost one or several teeth are candidates for dental implants. There are very few situations in which implants are not indicated. Even when the bone is insufficient, there are bone regeneration techniques that allow a correct osseo-integration implant. The advantages of receiving dental implants in Arlington TX are:

*  Implants are fixed into the bone so they can restore function and appearance of natural teeth;
*  Implants precisely fit anatomy, therefore never requiring adhesives;
*  Respects facial features so it restores a natural smile;
*  They avoid damaging teeth;
*  They prevent bone loss in the area of any missing teeth;
*  Implants and provisional fixed prosthesis can be placed in a single day;
*  Dental implants can last for many years; and
*  Implants can improve your appearance, your confidence, your ability to eat normally and your quality of life.

Currently, there are resources in place to make dental implants a totally painless procedure. With the help of local anaesthesia and intravenous sedation, patients do not need to feel anything throughout their ordeal. Once the implants are integrated, new teeth are fixed to the implants and not just resting on the gum, which is much more comfortable and natural than traditional dentures.

When receiving dental implants in Arlington TX, you need to be as careful as with natural teeth. Regular brushing techniques with inter-proximal brushes and flossing is very important when following a maintenance program. This program consists of performing regular professional hygiene visits to the dentist (every 4 to 6 months), as well. Following these tips and those of your dentist should allow you to enjoy your dental implants for years to come.

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