Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience. In fact, with modern dental technology, it is possible for people of all ages to have their dental work done with little to no pain. This is a good thing because dental extractions are one of the most required dentistry. If you are experiencing tooth pain, do not wait until the pain is unbearable. Seek help from your local dentist immediately.

When do you need an extraction?

1. In the preparation of the dentition or implantation of prosthetics;
2. Abnormal growth of wisdom teeth;
3. When cysts form;
4. If the tooth is very badly damaged due to tooth decay and cannot be restored; or
5. There are severely damaged tissues that support the teeth, mainly because of periodontitis.

Tooth extraction in South Elgin IL is a serious procedure that you should prepare for in advance. It is important to pay special attention to oral hygiene, both before and after surgery. This is necessary in order to ensure the oral cavity is cleared of bacteria.

Complications after a tooth extraction

After surgery, the patient must take care of the wound. Major complications that can occur after surgery consist of:

1. Dry sockets. The most common problem faced by patients after tooth extraction are dry sockets. After the operation, the area must form a blood clot, which assists in the healing of wounds. However, if the clot was accidentally deleted, or not at all formed, the socket becomes dry and tightens. This process is accompanied by an unpleasant odor. Treatment is performed by applying compresses with special solutions.

2. Bleeding may immediately occur after a tooth extraction in South Elgin IL. It can be stopped by applying a cotton compress. However, if the blood cannot be stopped after a few hours, you should consult with your dentist.

3. Swelling of the gums or cheeks may appear in the first few hours after surgery. Do not panic because this is a normal reaction to the changes taking place. If the edema does not go down on the second day, call your dentist.

There are plenty of other important rules and tips that follow a tooth extraction. It is best to follow all instructions given by your dentist. For more information, visit Foxriverperiodontics.com today.


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