We all know about beds in Kalamazoo. Just about everyone has one in some form or another. However, do you know how the beds got started? Did you know they were once considered only for the wealthy? Here are some fascinating facts about beds.

Beds Were Valuable

Beds were once considered so valuable that they were placed in a position of prominence so people could see them as they passed outside their home. They were so valuable that left as bequests to people who would inherit the bed in their wills.

Great Bed of Ware

The Great Bed of Ware was constructed to accommodate at least eight people. It was ten feet wide and was made as a tourist attraction. The bed garnered a reputation that it was referred to in Twelfth Night by Shakespeare.

Sleeping All Night

Back during the Middle Ages, people did not sleep all night. Instead, they slept in stages. People would sleep approximately three hours and then get up, eat, converse with others, and go about their business. It was believed that short periods of sleeping would enhance the brain and provide additional energy.

No Privacy

Up until the late 1850s bedroom was not a place to relax and enjoy the quiet. Several people and even complete strangers would share a bed due to how expensive they were. It was not until the Victorian era that people started to demand privacy in the bedroom and the communal bed was eliminated.

Sleep Tight

The phrase “sleep tight” was an expression that refers to ropes that were tied together and stretched across a wooden frame to support a feather bed in the 19th century.

Beds today have changed dramatically from the ones of old. No matter the type of beds in Kalamazoo you sleep on when you sleep tonight, thank these old beds for paving the way for the one you have now.

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