Different types of cables are used for certain equipment and applications in various industries. For industrial use, the most preferred type of cable is the Type W cable. This is widely used both for light and medium applications (mining). Type W cable are suitable for heavy duty and can also be used for motors, generators and other portable equipment. This cable is comprised of the following parts: conductor, insulation, separator and jacket. When buying this type of cable, it helps that you are familiar with its configurations so you can weigh your options.

Heavy Duty Use

Type W cable is known for its high level of stranding which means that the cable is flexible making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications even for heavy duty use. It is actually known for its flexibility as it can be used even harsh conditions. Among mining and even in construction industries, many prefer to use this cable with its increased level of stranding. Apart from heavy duty tasks, the cable also comes in different sizes (8AWG to 500MCM).

Insulation Thickness

The insulation thickness ranges from 60 to 95 mild using ethylene propylene diene monomer or EPDM. To make it easier for electricians to identify, it is color coded regardless of the kind of insulation used. Its jacket uses a rubber material known as the chlorinated polyethylene. The thickness of the jacket varies depending on the size. With its jacket a thermostet, it only means that it is malleable but cannot be melted and reheated. What is nice with Type W cable is with its insulation thickness, it is resistant not just to heat but also to chemicals, oil, alkalies and water among many others.

Voltage and Temperature Rating

For the voltage rating, the Type W wire rates from 600 to 2000 volts. It can be used even for temporary applications or even for continuous use application. Since it has high level of stranding and double layered jacket, it has good temperature rating ranging from -40 degrees C to 90 degrees C which makes this withstand even harsh applications.

Type W cable supplies power to different equipment and machines including cranes, hoists, cars and a whole lot more. With its rating and specifications, it is widely used in different applications as it is known for its flexibility which makes it a top choice among electricians across various industries.

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