Is your older loved one living with dementia or Alzheimer’s? If so, it can feel difficult to watch them increasingly struggle with everyday tasks and simple memory tasks. The time may come, or has already come, in that you are no longer able to provide the level of care they need. When this time comes, consider contacting memory care advisors to help you sort through your options for facilities to find one that is right for your family member.

Excellent Memory Care Programs

Many assisted living facilities also have memory care programs to help individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s retain their cognitive abilities and, in some cases, even relieve associated symptoms. Specially trained professionals use techniques such as cognitive therapy, sensory stimulation, physical therapy, and occupational therapy to help them live as full of a life as possible. Consider searching for memory care facility near Fairfax, VA to learn more about the facilities in your area that offer memory care programs.

Total Care Environment

The assisted living facilities that offer memory care were designed with people like your family member in mind. The facility may have an entire department or wing dedicated to these patients, and all of their needs will be taken care of by qualified and trained nurses and doctors. You can feel confident that they will be kept safe and secure. They exist to help you and your loved one find the perfect memory care facility for them.

If you think that it is nearing time to find an assisted living facility for your aging family member that is suffering from memory loss or a memory related illness, contact memory care advisors in your area to receive help with assessing your options and finding the one that will fit you and your relative’s wants and needs. To know more please visit The Virginian Retirement Community today.

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