Residential electricians are licensed and skilled professionals who work on the electrical systems of homes and apartment buildings. They work to inspect, install, maintain, and repair wiring, lighting systems, and electrical parts.

Many homeowners will contact an electrician when they have an emergency electrical problem, need an annual inspection, or while remodeling a home. It is good to hire someone dependable, licensed, and skilled who will become familiar with the electrical system in the home. Find a top residential electrician in Des Moines, IA.

When searching for an electrician, it is best to search for recommendations online. Get several quotes for a job and ask about warranties for their service. Make sure that the company that is hired sends electricians who are well educated and up to date on the National Electrical Code for safety.

Check for the electrician’s license for the state and that it is current and that they specialize in the work needed for the residence. Ensure that if the electrician will be using helpers or subcontractors that they are professionally trained and licensed. Check to verify that the company’s insurance will cover them as well.

When having a home electrical system inspection done, hire an electrician who is knowledgeable and can pinpoint problems, places in the home that may become disruptive to the electrical system in the future, and issues that need to be addressed fast.

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