The love for ethnic cuisine continues to be a powerful trend for the dining scene in the United States. Fine Dining Indian Restaurants in Washington DC respond to the desires of area residents to enjoy cuisine from countries throughout Asia.

Diversity in Cuisine

People throughout the nation are embracing the diverse eating styles of regions around the globe. Some foreign cuisine is still uncommon in this country, even in major metro areas. Other styles of cooking, such as Chinese, Mexican, and Italian, have been part of U.S. culture for many decades.

Menus From India

Indian food has taken hold in a strong way on the restaurant scene in more recent years. Beginning with tiny establishments serving delicious and unfamiliar foods in urban settings, Indian restaurants in this country have expanded to many small cities and feature much larger menus. Customers have the chance to try a wide variety of meals at places like Heritage India.

Menus from Fine Dining Indian Restaurants in Washington DC have little in common with those representing cuisine from East Asia. Indian food is quite different from the cuisines people have experienced at restaurants focusing on meals from China, Japan, Thailand, and Korea. Rice is a staple, but basmati and lemon rice are more frequent choices than white and fried rice. India’s cuisine actually has more similarities with menus from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and, interestingly, Mexico.

Seafood and chicken are well-represented on these menus, but Indian restaurants generally do not feature stir-fry meals. Instead, the meat is likely to be marinated in a yogurt-based sauce. Ginger and garlic are prevalent in all these types of cuisines, but coriander, cumin, and curry are standard in Indian establishments. Chickpeas, lentils, eggplant, and potatoes are characteristic of meals from India.

A Healthier Diet

As U.S. residents continue their efforts to eat healthier foods, Indian options make further inroads into their daily lives. Lean meat, protein from legumes, a variety of vegetables, and the avoidance of deep-fried foods, for the most part, characterize this eating style. The aromatic, tasty spices encourage people to avoid adding salt to their food, and they experience luscious flavors while never feeling deprived.

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