Quality fire suppression systems are an excellent investment for any restaurant kitchen in Iowa. Proper restaurant fire suppression in Iowa exists as both a safety measure and a guarantee that the chef’s livelihood, the kitchen they operate, is protected from an accident.

System Design

A restaurant fire suppression system is responsible for the prevention of fires as well as containment. Each system comes with its own set of features to best suit the needs of your kitchen. Most systems cut off the fire’s source of fuel – the gas line – as well as releasing a fire suppression agent through a nozzle system. This second phase is key as it contains a water-based solution that combats both ordinary cooking fires as well as dangerous grease fires. Some systems also offer a manual activation option to allow a worker to trigger the release of the fire suppression agent in the event that it isn’t triggered automatically.


The National Restaurant Association states that 57% of kitchen fires involve cooking equipment and that an average of $246 million restaurant property is destroyed each year. It’s become especially crucial that when it comes to restaurant fire suppression, Iowa businesses must not cut corners. Advances in culinary technology and technique have created a modern kitchen that utilizes more powerful tools and increasingly flammable materials. A restaurant fire suppression system is invaluable as it ensures that the fire can be contained and stopped quickly and efficiently, allowing employees to clean up and resume kitchen operations with minimal damage or destruction of food.

Restaurant fire suppression systems can often be customized to fit your kitchen’s unique layout and needs. Almost all systems are installed in the hood of the cooking area. In some setups, nozzles are aimed at an angle to cover vulnerable equipment surfaces. Others are designed so that suppressant is discharged over everything beneath the hood.

Any restaurant in Iowa can benefit greatly from a fire suppression system. To provide protection to your employees and equipment and create a safe environment for customers, consider adding or reconfiguring your restaurant fire suppression. Iowa restaurants without a proper suppression system tend to be less safe than those that operate with one.

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