Because the feet take the brunt of the body’s weight, they are more prone to injury and disease than many other body parts. It is important individuals see a Foot Doctor in Beverly on a regular basis to ensure their feet are healthy, especially those who have diabetes. When issues begin to arise with the feet, seeing a podiatrist can help in the healing process and the prevention of further damage.

These warning signs should always prompt a person to seek a foot care doctor.

* While swelling and numbness are not always signs of alarm, when they are persistently occurring, it is vital individuals seek care from a Foot Doctor so the reasons for the swelling and numbness can be properly identified and treated. These issues can be caused by nerve damage and injury and should not be ignored.

* Painful bunions can be difficult to deal with and are caused by deformities of the foot that often need surgical intervention. If a person ignores a bunion, it will likely only worsen over time, causing major damage to the joints of the toes.

* Although foot pain is not uncommon and can result from standing or walking for long periods, ongoing or severe pain should never be ignored. If walking, standing, and other normal daily activities are becoming more difficult due to the pain, it is time to see the doctor. Fractures and other injuries will only worsen over time if they are not properly treated.

* When the heels become cracked, it can lead to discomfort but is not usually a sign of major issues with the health of the foot. When the cracks become deep fissures, with bleeding, it is vital a person seeks their doctor, especially if they have diabetes since healing can be difficult and infection can set in.

* Ingrown toenails can sometimes be dealt with at home if they are minor. When they become severe or are occurring frequently, it is important a person seeks treatment right away.

If you are dealing with any of these foot warning signs, it is important you seek medical care right away. Call the Mitchell Foot & Ankle and ask them to schedule you a consultation appointment. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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