In Michigan, homeowners must follow proper strategies for maintaining their cooling system. These strategies help them extend the longevity of the system and reduce unnecessary repair costs. The following are frequently asked questions about central air conditioning and these strategies.

What are the Requirements for Freon?

The repair service must be certified to handle this gas. They must use the type of refrigerant that is allowed by the EPA currently. This reduces risks to the public and the homeowner. The service provider tests the central unit for any leaks that could allow this gas to present a risk to anyone. These leaks can also prevent the unit from working properly. Once discovered, they must be repaired immediately.

Why are Seasonal Cleaning Options Beneficial for Homeowners?

Seasonal cleanings eliminate possible toxins and allergens that could affect the system. All dirt and debris are removed from the unit to ensure that proper airflow is achieved. It also prevents the unit from overheating and leading to mechanical issues that could stop it from running. These services are provided through most service plans for cooling and heating units.

Why Should Homeowners Get an Air Cleaner for Their System?

The air cleaner is vital for the unit. They operate throughout the day and night to capture impurities that could cause allergy issues for the homeowner. They collect dust, pollen, and bacteria that could lead to health risks for the homeowner. These units are affordable and could increase the longevity of the unit.

Why is Routine Maintenance Necessary for All Central Units?

The homeowner must schedule routine maintenance for their units each year. It is best to schedule these services during the spring before the temperatures begin to rise. The homeowner identifies any conditions that could present issues during the summer quickly.

In Michigan, homeowners hire a service technician to manage their maintenance requirements. These service technicians reduce the potential for a service interruption during the summer. They clean out the systems and lower health risks for the homeowner. Property owners who want to acquire servicing for their central air conditioning contact Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling and schedule an appointment today.

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