In Colorado, pest control efforts are vital for a healthy lawn and landscaping. Lawn care services perform pest control efforts as a part of their scheduled services. Whenever a pest infestation is discovered, the specialists take immediate action to protect the lawn and landscaping. A local service provider can offer details and answers to frequently asked questions about Pest Control Longmont CO.

How Could Lawn-Related Pests Affect Pets?

Among the most common pests found on the lawn are mites. The insects are the exact reason that dogs and cats develop the mange. The mites burrow into the skin and can lay hundreds of eggs quickly. They cause severe itching and pain for pets. Unfortunately, the pests can also invade the skin of the pet owner which requires expensive medications to treat. The lawn care specialist distributes permethrin spray throughout the lawn to kill off the insects.

What Insects are Dangerous for Everyone?

Whiteflies and aphids are likely to accumulate in gardens and the lawn. The insects invade landscaping and cause excessive damage. They feed on supportive plant parts and cause the plants to die quickly. In addition to the damage they cause, the insects carry viruses and transmit the viruses through each bite.

How are Fire Ants Managed?

Insecticides are distributed throughout the lawn and around landscaping to kill off fire ants. The insects build colonies throughout the yard and underneath the property. They are territorial and attack without warning. The bites that they produce are painful and could lead to an infection.

Are Special Provisions Offered for Allergy Sufferers?

Yes, pest control specialists manage the removal of bees and ants fast for allergy sufferers. Homeowners who are severely allergic to the insects could experience anaphylaxis with a single bite. The services are often performed when the property owner is away to lower common risks.

In Colorado, lawn care and pest control are necessary to keep plants and trees healthy. The services decrease the potential for damage and remove hazards quickly. The lawn care specialist can add the service at any time that a pest infestation is discovered. Property owners who want to schedule Pest Control Longmont CO can contact Wards Lawn Service or visit us website now.

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