Your home or business relies on quality oil to keep it running at peak performance. Since time is money, the quality of your oil matters. You can reduce downtime and maximize efficiency with premium oils, fuel, and gasoline by having them delivered straight to your door. A Fuel Oil Company offers service plans to keep your heating system running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Service plans cover professional inspections, annual heating system cleaning, oil fired water heater service, parts protection, system efficiency tests, and parts repair and replacement.

There are a lot of fuel sources that a person can choose from; however, the most common of these fuel sources are gas, oil, and electricity. Gas furnace rates, heating oil furnace rates, and electric furnace rates differ depending on their level of efficiency. Furthermore, costs differ depending on the business that produced the furnace. Between the three varieties of fuel sources, gas and heating oil costs are lower than electricity. Gas is considered to be the most economical form of fuel, but a gas furnace is generally more expensive to build and install. The cost of installing an electric furnace is just about the same as installing a gas furnace. The heat from a gas furnace is considered to be safer. Even though heating oil furnaces are cheaper than electric and gas furnaces, fuel oil is more costly compared to gas and electricity.

You are responsible for cleaning up any spills and reporting any leaks or spills that may cause harm to the health of your family and neighbors. Clean up after an oil leak can be extremely costly. You should check with your insurance company to see if oil leaks are covered under your homeowner’s insurance. A registered and licensed heating and cooling contractor from a Fuel Oil Company should always install an oil tank. If you do install your oil tanks, make sure they are installed in an area that is easily assessable. Seek approval from your local environmental authority to ensure that you are in compliance. Establish an agreement with your heating company to inspect your tank annually to make sure it is in proper working condition and not leaking or showing signs of leaking. Inspectors also check for the sturdiness of the tank’s legs and the soundness of its foundation.





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