As many Cleveland Oh residents know, it often takes diligence and dedication to keep your air conditioning equipment running reliably throughout the year. Even during the winter months, it takes a dedicated homeowner to ensure that their equipment is still cleaned on a regular basis and ran periodically to keep it well maintained. When an air conditioner sits over the winter months without use, it can build up clogs and debris, as well as have internal component issues from sitting unused for so long. Periodically running it can help sort these issues out, and keep your equipment used to running on a regular basis.

Keeping an air conditioning unit from needing Air Conditioning Repair in Cleveland Oh takes more than just the occasional cleaning. Regular maintenance performed on the unit is required, to ensure its parts are well maintained and cleaned often. Clogs can form in the fan area quite often, even from simple things like dust and grime that builds up naturally over time. When clogs do form, they can put strain on the fan motor, since they can block it from turning. When blocked, the motor will normally push harder to get the fan to turn, which can cause it to burn out over time if not fixed quickly. The longer a clog is allowed to persist, the worse off your fan motor can be, and the worse off your home’s air quality and comfort will become.

Getting reliable Air Conditioning Repair in Cleveland Oh when a problem arises can help cut the cost of repairs down significantly. If you wait around and allow a problem to persist, it can quickly increase in its severity and may affect other portions of the unit or your home itself. This is especially true when your unit is leaking coolant or has an abundance of moisture build up. Any type of coolant problem should be handled by an experienced technician, like A New Image Heating & Cooling, due to the chemicals involved being toxic if mishandled. If you notice a sweet smell around your unit, it may be leaking coolant. This can be dangerous for young children or household pets to get into, making it important to get it taken care of immediately.

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