It is important for families to regularly talk about the type of emergencies they could face and what steps they would take to deal with these emergencies. For example, those who live in areas that are prone to floods need to protect their home and talk about how they will react during a flood.

Families must have an emergency kit that includes basic essentials to get them through a disaster situation. This bag should be regularly updated. Each person in the family should know how to react in case of a flood or other disaster.

Steps can be taken before a flood to protect the home and those who live inside it. Some have bought a flood control barrier and sandbags that can be used to fill in gaps to protect their home. There are many companies that sell a flood control barrier and similar products that do a great job at preventing water from entering a home when they are placed properly.

Steps can also be taken before the rainy season begins to protect a home. This can include raising electrical switches and outlets, installing a sump pump or foundation vent, and raising a home on piers or stilts. Exterior home maintenance can be used to prevent water from pooling around the home. For example, downspouts should be pointed away from the home and space should be left between the siding and mulch.

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