If you anticipate litigation or audits related to your taxes or business practices, you need our services for forensic tax accounting Willow Grove PA. Our certified public accountants specialize in this type of accounting service. We have experience with forensic tax accounting services related to tax fraud and related subjects. If you need to have your tax documents and other financial statements put in order for a court case, audit or some other situation, we are prepared to take on the project.

Our forensic tax accountants analyze the information in all of your company’s paper and electronic records. We may send records requests to the companies, donors or contractors that you have worked with for the tax year that is under audit or involved in litigation. We also take a look at banking and financial statements, payroll and all other relevant information. As certified forensic accounting professionals, we provide you with the information that your attorneys need in order to represent your case or situation.

We may do some of our work in your offices and make copies of the relevant paperwork or electronic files. It is our duty to protect this information so that it can be reviewed by the court if it is requested. Our experience in sorting out complex financial transactions make us the right choice for your forensic tax accounting needs. We work as efficiently as possible on the project.

When you are in need of forensic tax accounting Willow Grove PA, contact us at Luft & Company P.C. We offer professional and thorough services that you can rely on no matter what type or size of a business or nonprofit you operate.

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