Did you know that you should get your teeth cleaned twice a year? A lot of people only go once and think that is enough, but it is not. It should also be mentioned if you have a history of hereditary plaque build-up or gum disease, you should get your teeth cleaned more often. It is vital to keep your teeth cleaned to maintain development and the health of your teeth. A trained dental hygienist will remove tarter, calcium. They also clean the tarter out of your gum line that a normal toothbrush does not get. Then they will polish your teeth.

Getting X-Rays at the Dentists

X-rays are very useful tools in helping dentists identify any problems with your teeth, jaw and mouth. A visual exam of your teeth does not always show problems. With an x-ray the dentist can see if there are any fractures, tooth decay, cavities or bone loss. This allows them to treat you quickly without waiting until they can visually see a problem. A Lincoln Park dentist recommends you have x-rays done every two to three years. X-rays are usually taken more frequently with children and teens. X-rays can also be done more often if the dentist feels there might be a problem, or you are starting to have a tooth ache.

Other Services a Dentist Can Help With

Dentists can treat a wide variety of needs. They can fill your teeth to help stop tooth decay. If a filling is not possible they can do a root canal. If you have already lost some or all of your teeth, a dentist can also make you a bridge or dentures. Those are not your only options if you have missing teeth. They can also do dental implants. Call Art of Modern Dentistry to set up an appointment with them today to keep your teeth healthy.

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