Radiators and boilers aren’t a common choice in new homes, but many older buildings are equipped with such a heating system. Boilers work well in multi-family dwellings, making them popular in apartment buildings and older office complexes. Below, you will learn more about boiler operation, maintenance and installation.

The Pros of Steam Heating

Hot water and steam heating systems have several benefits. They are reliable, because there are few moving parts–and can last for many years if properly maintained. A boiler provides clean heat, which is ideal for homeowners with allergy issues. A steam heating system is a good choice for those undertaking the restoration of an older home, despite its quirks.

The Cons of Boiler Systems

Many homeowners disregard the boiler as a heating option when it’s time for an upgrade. These systems are not as efficient as modern units, and the heat they provide is uneven. Steam heaters require regular maintenance for the best results, and these units present significant safety risks. In many cases, homeowners can save by replacing boiler in Putnam County with a forced-air system.

Boiler Operation

In a steam heating system, the boiler heats water via an oil or gas burner, turning it into steam that travels to a radiator or a convector. As steam cools, condensation occurs, and the water is run through the boiler again. Hot water heaters operate in much the same way, using hot water to heat radiators.


Boiler systems last a long time, but still need regular maintenance for efficient operation. Homeowners can check pressure gauges, safety valves and water levels, but other heating maintenance tasks should be handled by a plumbing professional. A routine service call typically includes checks of gauges and controls, and burner adjustment if necessary. All flues and chimneys are inspected, and radiator air valves should be adjusted as well.

Hiring a Professional

Whether you choose to repair your boiler-based system, or upgrade to a different type of heating unit, it is a good idea to hire a reliable company to do the job. You’ll have peace of mind, because you’ll know that your system was installed and adjusted correctly. Browse website for more details.

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