Many people in Lincoln scramble to get air conditioners installed or serviced before those hot, humid summers roll around. While the HVAC installer will do all the hard work, it’s still smart to do a few preparations. Here are some preparation steps you should do before getting an air conditioner Installation in Lincoln, NE.

Clear the areas where the HVAC installers will be working.

Installers don’t want to be responsible for moving your personal items and you don’t want your personal items to get broken. The best way to avoid either of these scenarios is to move your stuff out of the way in advance.

Lock up your pets.

Some pets are as sweet as pie but that doesn’t mean the HVAC installer wants them hanging around. Pets can be annoying to people who aren’t used to them and they can also get in the way. Even worse, the noise from the installation may scare your pets or the HVAC installer could be allergic to them.

Clean your house.

We’re not talking about just your HVAC unit – we mean your whole house. While the HVAC installer is a professional and probably won’t say anything about a dirty house, it’s simply embarrassing to have someone working in a filthy house. Eliminate odors, clean up clutter, wash your dishes, sweep, mop, or do whatever it takes to prevent an awkward, embarrassing situation.

Getting an air conditioner installation in Lincoln, NE, will take a few preparation steps. Once you’ve done this, Green’s Furnace & Plumbing is the perfect company to install your air conditioner. Find out more at

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