Whether you are pregnant and looking for an abortion clinic in Jacksonville, FL, or recovering from an abortion, you may be looking for support. Here are some of the services First Coast Women’s Services offers to women in the Jacksonville area.

Decision Counseling
If you are pregnant and unsure you want to keep the baby; you probably have many questions. FCWS is there to provide counsel and discuss all of your options with you. They can talk to you about abortion and adoption and help make parenting plans if you decide to keep the baby.

Community Referrals
They provide a limited number of pregnancy-related services such as pregnancy tests and proof of pregnancy. If you decide that you need an abortion clinic in Jacksonville, FL, they can help you with a community referral. No matter what you choose to do, they can provide you with a few referrals to assist you with your next steps during pregnancy.

Post-Abortive Support
Many women experience grief after having an abortion. FCWS offers post-abortive support. They believe post-abortive women shouldn’t have to suffer in silence. If you need support after having an abortion, they offer healing studies that can help you work through the grief and the pain you may be feeling.

First Coast Women’s Services is here to help you during this time. They provide a warm and professional environment for women considering an abortion or who have had one in the past. Contact First Coast Women’s Services at fcws.org.

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