If your hair is doing a disappearing act, it can be very upsetting. There are numerous reasons that your hair may be thinning. It could be due to genetics. Aging may play a factor. A hormonal imbalance may be affecting you. Regardless of why your hair is not as full as it used to be, you don’t have to accept it. PRP hair restoration in Dallas offers you a non-surgical alternative that could help your hair to have a comeback.

Understanding the Power of PRP and How it Can Help You
When your hair follicles stop functioning the way that they should, thinning hair is a result. You may not be interested in medications with uninvited side effects to trigger hair growth. The thought of hair transplant surgery may not be your choice either. In some cases, surgical replacement doesn’t work as a practical option. PRP hair restoration in Dallas is another alternative that taps into the platelet-rich plasma that is found in your own blood. Your hair replacement specialist will begin by drawing a sample of your blood. Your platelet-rich plasma, otherwise known as PRP, will be separated from the rest of your blood. It will then be targeted into areas on your scalp where you are experiencing hair loss. Your scalp will be numbed with a topical anesthetic before your injections are administered.

Watch Your Hair Growth Improve
After hair PRP hair restoration in Dallas, you will see your hair getting thicker over time. It will take several months to see the difference. If you have additional areas of thinning hair, you can come in for more treatments. To learn more about your options, contact Yaker Hair Restoration and Med Spa at www.yakermd.com.

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