Divorce is an unpleasant thing to go through, especially if children are involved. In Illinois, a couple must go before a judge to see which person gets custody of any children they have. In this case, if they live in Glenview, they will need the advice and help of a Glenview child custody lawyer.

Michael C. Craven is an attorney who is authorized to represent clients in Illinois court cases as a Glenview child custody lawyer. If you are anticipating having to appear in court with such as need, then you should call us up for an appointment right away.

We Speak For You

When you hire a Glenview child custody lawyer like Michael C. Craven, you can be assured he will have your interests at heart when you appear in court. A judge will most often speak to your lawyer as your representative rather than you having to worry if you understand all the current child custody laws. We are fully up to date and current on all child support laws and will handle all paperwork and court proceedings on your behalf.

Factors that Decide Child Custody Cases

When in court, the judge will take all the information presented in the case and decide who gets custody of a child based on that child’s best interests. Some of the factors that a court considers include:

  • The parents’ desires on who gets custody
  • The child’s desires on which parent they want to live with
  • The communication and relationship the child has with the parents, siblings or other persons in the family
  • The child’s school and community environment
  • If there has been any physical violence or threat of violence by either parent to the child or to each other
  • The mental and physical well-being of all parties
  • If a potential guardian is a sex offender
  • If the parents are willing to facilitate a relationship with the other parent and child
  • If a parent is in the military and has a family care plan in case of deployments

Types of Custody a Child Custody Lawyer Handles

Each custody law case is different and a Glenview child custody lawyer understands how to handle each of them. There are several types of cases, for instance, a judge could award joint custody where both parents share custody rights and these usually need to be worked out and legally agreed to by both parents.

The bottom line is that a custody case in Illinois can get very complicated and if you are going through one, call Glenview child custody lawyer Michael C. Craven and he can help protect your interests in the case.

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