Insurance in Atlanta is a promise of reimbursement for damages by a provider. The concept of insurances dates back to ancient times when Babylonian and Chinese traders divided merchandise between ships. The idea was to reduce the chance of losing all of the cargo. During Hammurabi’s time, merchants were allowed to take loans. The merchants only had to pay back the loan with interest if the cargo arrived safely to its destination. In 1343, these loans developed into the first written policies. In modern times, there is a type of insurance to meet every need. You can buy an assortment of policies according to the kind of protection you want.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is one type of insurance you are required to have if you own a vehicle. Most states only require liability to cover third parties, but other states may require extra coverage. Check your state’s requirements before you buy car insurance. Drivers have the option adding collision insurance to cover their vehicles in accidents as well as comprehensive which covers damages unrelated to accidents.

Life Insurance

Life insurance helps your family pay final expenses by paying a death benefit. Some policies also provider for terminal illness and disability. Life insurance can be whole life or term life. Term life is issued for a specific time frame. It is commonly the least expensive type of life insurance. However, beneficiaries will not receive benefits if you remain alive at the end of the term. Whole life is a permanent cover that never needs renewing. It builds a cash value you are allowed to borrow.

Other Types of Insurance

House insurance covers damages to your home from flood, fire and vandalism. Many mortgage lenders require house insurance for borrowers. Renters insurance covers your personal belongings if you lease a residence or apartment. Dental insurance helps pay for the cost of oral care. Dental insurance is available for individuals or groups.

You can never be certain what will happen in life. Insurance give you peace of mind regardless of your budget and lifestyle. It is better having too much insurance than not enough. Visit ATI Insurance for more information.

Insurance in Atlanta gives you peace of mind regardless of your budget and lifestyle. For more information visit the website or Like us on Facebook.



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