What Is the Best Thing to Put Under a Swing Set?

Damaged playsets can be hazardous to little children, putting them at unnecessary risk. However, a swing can be installed on recycled rubber level dry blocks and last for years without an issue. Since these prevent the swing’s wood from getting wet, it stays dry and level. Consequently, they tend to last longer and do not become damaged.

Despite believing your backyard is dry, it may harbor unseen wetness. Therefore, your playsets should be placed on top of elevated blocks, keeping them up high. As a result, the playset will not be in contact with damp dirt, earth, or mold. Thus, it will outlast materials that are touching those items. Furthermore, the best blocks allow stacking, so you can put multiple together.

Generally, lawn maintenance is not easy when there is a swing in the yard. Nevertheless, elevating the whole thing on blocks makes it easy to clean underneath. By using a weed whacker, you can remove overgrown grass and weeds without damaging the wood.

Do You Have to Level Ground for Playset?

Many parents ask do you have to level ground for a playset? Typically, contractors recommend leveling the ground prior to installation. Creating leveled ground can be difficult, especially if your lawn is hilly. By using pre-designed blocks, you can minimize dirt-moving activities. Your swing will not be wobbly or unstable, and kids can play on it safely. Since these blocks are easy to install, anyone can do it. Plus, the block’s design features reversible elements, easing installation even more.

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