Offroading in the Jeep is a great passion for many, and now that spring is here, trails and offroad sites are really drying up and coming into great shape. Of course, for offroaders, any time of the year is fine for getting out. For real excitement and adventure this upcoming year, an enhancement to the Jeep to offer its peak performance out in the elements may just be what the offroad enthusiast is looking for.

One way Jeep owners can upgrade their vehicle is by the installation of a JK Lift Kit. Two JK Lift Kit packages that are extremely popular are the JK 3.5″ Premium Series Lift Kit and the JK 3.5″ Rock-Link X Long Arm Lift Kit.

JK 3.5″ Premium Series Lift Kit

This premium kit has been both highway and terrain tested, the ultimate “Mid Arm” package. Lifting the vehicle a few inches with this kit, owners can put on bigger tires, helping to enhance the offroad ride experience. No more high-centering, as the kit helps improve the driver’s break-over angle and overall ground clearance.

JK 3.5″ Rock-Link X Long Arm Lift Kit

Installing this lift kit system results in linking the axle lower to the frame at a much lower operating angle than short arms at the same height. The terrain is more easily absorbed by the suspension as the length of the arms are increases. This results in the reduction of shock loads through the frame. It also reduces accelerated stress and wear on other suspension components.

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