As a responsible employer, it makes sense to provide the best possible working conditions for your employees. After all, employees who are well-cared-for tend to work harder, have less sick time and have less turnover. While there are many factors that contribute to working conditions for your employees, one of the factors that are often overlooked is the quality of the air in your facility. Fortunately, with the right commercial roof exhaust fan in place, your facility can be a healthy and comfortable place to work.

Improve Employee Comfort

Heating and cooling a large facility can cost a lot of money. Therefore, it’s a financially wise decision to find alternative methods of keeping your facility comfortable that are less resource-intensive. Commercial roof exhaust fans fit this bill because they don’t use nearly as much energy as an HVAC system, yet, they keep the temperature comfortable by moving air throughout your facility.

Improve Employee Health

Any enclosed facility is at risk of having poor air quality. Even in a facility in which hazardous materials aren’t used, the level of volatile organic compounds can still be high enough to cause health problems. If you have roof exhaust fans, though, this will be much less of a concern. This is because the exhaust fans can remove the polluted air in your facility at a rapid rate. This ensures that the concentration of pollutants will remain low, even if new pollutants are being released rapidly.

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