As an international student that may not have had the option to speak English in your native country taking the TOEFL in Miami, or anywhere for that matter, can be a scary thought. The good news is that many English language schools in the city of Miami provide an intensive TOEFL prep class that allows you to focus in on the things that you will need to know to pass the test.

The TOEFL in Miami is the same test, even if you take it online, as the TOEFL administered anywhere else. This means that it is a standardized test that follows specific categories of test questions to rate proficiency with the English language. Virtually all non-English speaking students will be required to take the TOEFL before being admitted to any American college or university, unless you are enrolling in an English as a Second Language program.

Sections of the TOEFL

Instructors that teach classes to help you be successful on the TOEFL in Miami will let you know exactly what to expect on the test. There are no surprises and no unexpected elements to the test so you can study and prepare in advance.

There are four different components of the test and those include reading, listening, speaking and writing in English. There is a time limit for each section and also a 10 minute break in the middle of the exam.

Depending on your course of study you may be required to receive a specific overall grade or you may need to score minimum standards on each section. Always make sure you know what you have to score in each section as this will give you an understanding of where to focus your study time.

Attend a Class

Taking a class to prepare for the TOEFL in Miami is highly recommended. You will not only have an English speaker as the instructor but the instructor is very familiar with all the elements of the test.

During the training for the TOEFL in Miami you will not just learn about English, you will also learn about strategies to write the test. In top classes you will be provided with examples of test questions where you can practice how to take the test and get immediate feedback and support from a qualified instructor.

Taking a class prior to writing the TOEFL in Miami is the most effective strategy for success.

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