A shrink wrap machine is beneficial for ensuring that large pallets are wrapped securely before they are shipped to other locations. When you’re operating a pallet shrink wrap machine, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you get the best results. Before using the machine, you need to ensure that you’re following the proper safety standards that are set forth by the manufacturer and by your employer.

The load needs to be prepared before it’s wrapped. This means that the heaviest items should be placed on the bottom of the load with the lighter items on the top. You also need to ensure that the boxes are roughly the same size so that they don’t topple over after they are wrapped. Boxes should be as close together as possible to prevent shifting as well.

If you can elevate the load in some way, then it can make it easier to wrap the pallet instead of keeping it flat on the floor. It can also prevent injuries, as you won’t have to bend over as much as you would if you were to keep the pallet at a level lower than the pallet shrink wrap machine. Start by wrapping the base of the pallet for the stability that the rest of the load needs to prevent it from shifting. Consider taking the shrink wrap several times around the base and around the corners. Pull the film as tight as possible to secure the load without pulling it from the machine.

As you begin wrapping the rest of the load on the pallet, try to overlap each pass with the film by about 50 percent of the previous layer to provide more security. Avoid decreasing the amount of shrink wrap that’s in the middle of the load because this area is where you could see more shifting than others. After wrapping the pallet, clean your area and turn off the machine.

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