Oddly enough, the majority of U.S. residents have never purchased a lock for a door. They probably have made a duplicate key or two, but when they move into an apartment or buy a house, they don’t bother to replace the locks. Locksmiths in Chicago install new locks when the old ones deteriorate too much to work effectively anymore or when customers want to prevent someone who has a key from getting in again. Also, many people eventually decide they want better home security, and they call a locksmith for that reason.

Locksmiths from an organization such as Amazing Lock Service provide reliable service at all hours of the day. New lock installation isn’t an emergency service, but it can be scheduled quickly when a customer wants to stop an old flame from getting inside.

Professional Installation for Peace of Mind

Property owners who are relatively handy with do-it-yourself projects might decide to install the locks themselves. However, it’s usually better to have professional locksmiths in Chicago do these projects to make sure everything is completed properly. A home’s security should be at the top of the owner’s priority list, and spending a little extra for professional installation is worth the peace of mind.

The Most Basic System

The most basic security system should include a heavy-duty key lock with another key-operated bolt lock above it. Those two locks should have separate keys. On the off-chance that somebody ever manages to get hold of one key, they still won’t be able to open the door. The better locks have shields and pins that prevent skilled intruders from picking their way in.

The Increasing Popularity of Smart Locks

Smart locks are increasingly popular, both for convenience and an added level of security. They are convenient because they don’t require a key, but rather a smartphone that the owner is unlikely to misplace. The better ones include a deadbolt as well as a keypad, or they clamp onto an existing bolt. Different codes can be devised for individual users if that seems wise. Fully digital models open the locks as the person approaches with the phone.

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