Compulsive hoarding is a serious problem in the United States. It is defined in medicine as a behavioral tendency where people love storing excessive objects in their homes, even if they do not use them. Hoarding is such a major problem today that many landlords often evict their tenants if they tend to hoard excessive stuff in their homes. Some people like hoarding pets while others prefer hoarding unnecessary items. According to estimates, more than six million people have this behavioral tendency to hoard things in their homes.

If you have just realized that you hoard a lot of unnecessary stuff, we can help you. We offer a wide range of services relating to hoarding treatment in Florida. Whether you hoard animals, food, pets, paper, or trash, we can help you. Our certified cleaners will remove all unnecessary items from your house and leave it looking spick-and-span. We have worked in tandem with social workers, care advocates, and other certified staff in order to help people de-clutter their lives.

Why Choose Us?

At Spaulding Decon, we believe in making your life as easy as possible. Even though we are a certified crime scene cleanup company, Spaulding Decon also offers hoarding treatment services. Visit our site, and we can help you get in touch with a professional therapist to treat your hoarding problem as well. Many of our clients often ask us how we treat the hoarding problem.

The truth is that we don’t apply a single solution. The tendency to hoard varies from one person to another. Generally, we deal with hoarding problems all the way from level 3 to 5. We can take all unnecessary items from your house and donate them to the charity of your choice, or transport them to another location. We understand that most of our clients value privacy very highly. That’s why we have discreet, unmarked vehicles in our fleet as well. Our staff will be in and out of your place within a few hours!

What We Offer

Spaulding Decon is one of the largest companies offering crime scene cleanup and hoarding treatment services in the United States. We work with police agencies and our customers in order to make sure that your house remains as clean as possible. We only use certified cleaners that do not harm the surfaces in your house. We can also remove hazardous waste from your house. We understand that hoarding is a serious issue, which is why we handle each case differently. We tailor our services accordingly in order to make sure that our clients are fully satisfied with what we have to offer.

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