Your water heater is designed to last for years, but over time, it is likely to become less efficient and may even stop working altogether. At this point, you need to consider water heater replacement so you don’t have to go without hot water. Before you seek out a new water heater, it’s important to evaluate how much it will cost.

Tank Vs Tankless

The first decision you need to make is what type of water heater you will install. The traditional tank water heaters typically cost significantly less, often around $900. These tanks hold between 40 and 50 gallons of water, keeping the water hot until it is needed. However, environmentally-conscious individuals may opt for a tankless water heater that quickly and efficiently heats up water. These tanks can cost thousands of dollars, but they will save money in energy costs.

Gas Vs. Electric

In addition to the type of heater, you will also need to select the fuel it uses. Gas models traditionally cost slightly less than electric heaters. In addition the cost of operating an electric water heater also tends to be higher over the lifespan of the appliance. However, electric water heaters are typically knowns as being more efficient.


The final factor in the overall cost of your water heater replacement is the size you need. For most homeowners, a 40 to 50 gallon tank is sufficient. To determine the appropriate size water heater, count the number of people in your home and multiply it by 12. This provides your First Hour Rating, which is the amount of water used at peak times in your home.

Finding the right hot water heater replacement is essential to ensure you have enough hot water when you need it most. Water heaters can cost varying amounts so it’s important to know what you can expect to spend to get the right replacement.

Replacing your hot water heater will give your family all the hot water you need. Visit the Budget Plumbing & Drain or call 619.563.1400 for more information.

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