Rates for Auto Insurance in McKeesport PA vary depending on the features of the policy, the vehicle being insured and certain characteristics of the driver. Many people don’t realize that car insurance rates also vary a great deal by state. They could move from one state to another and find their premiums going way up or dropping significantly.

Premium Highs and Lows

Across the board, car insurance premiums have gone up about 20 percent in the past 15 years. Michigan has had the highest average automotive insurance for several years running, at nearly $2,400 per year. The national average is about $1,300. Car insurance is much cheaper on average in some of the more rural states like Maine and Idaho.

Pennsylvania Average Premiums

Where does Pennsylvania land on this chart? The state is almost exactly in the middle, ranking at 23 with an average annual premium closely matching the national average. Residents normally can expect their Auto Insurance in McKeesport PA to cost about that much, although personal factors like their driving record and their age enter into the equation.

Factors Affecting Average Rates

Many factors affect average rates for car insurance that do not directly relate to the individual consumer. Rates are very high in Louisiana, for example, for a few reasons. Hurricanes bring flooding and hail. A relatively large number of accidents happen there, many due to distracted driving. States characterized by chronically congested traffic on highways also tend to have higher rates. That accounts for Connecticut, Rhode Island and Florida ranking in the top 10.

These generalizations don’t extend fully to each state. For instance, Wyoming ranks in the top 10 even though the state is very rural.

Pennsylvania as a Mirror

Pennsylvania, with its blend of urban, small town and rural environments, somewhat reflects the nation as a whole. As could be expected, the bigger cities tend to have higher average premiums while residents of small towns enjoy lower costs. State law requires residents to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. Anyone interested in getting some quotes may contact an independent organization such as E.F. Barrett Agency Inc.

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