If looking to sell gold, Dallas residents might be enticed by the many gold buyers that loudly advertise “WE BUY GOLD!!” Although these buyers might seem like an easy and convenient way to sell your gold for cash, you are more likely to be scammed and receive only a very small percentage of the value of your gold. When deciding where to sell your gold, it is important to do your research and pay attention carefully during the process of selling your gold. Watch out for these common gold selling scams.

  • Beware selling your gold by mailing it to somebody. Just as it’s never a good idea to mail money to somebody you have never met, it’s also not a good idea to mail them your gold. That gives them too many opportunities to either claim they never received your gold, or just to take your gold and disappear. It is always best to sell your gold to a reputable Dallas business with a physical location where you can return if you have complaints.

  • Watch the scales carefully. Some buyers will try to cheat you with their measurements of the weight of your gold, so make sure you understand the system they are using. Some will try and get you to sell your gold for less by measuring your gold incorrectly, or measuring your gold by the pennyweight and then paying you the ounce price for a pennyweight. The best way to avoid a scam of this sort is to sell to a Dallas jeweler with a good reputation. They won’t want to lose their reputation and will measure your gold fairly and accurately.

  • Don’t mix your karats. 24 karat gold should sell for a better price than 10 karat gold, so don’t let the buyer weigh them at the same time. He should weigh them separately and offer you different prices for each different type of gold you want to sell. If your Dallas buyer tries to convince you to let him mix your karats, be careful. He is probably trying to scam you.

  • Don’t accept the first offer you receive. Shop around so that you know you are receiving the best price for your gold. Dallas jewelers will usually offer the highest prices for your gold, and may even offer you more if they find value in the piece beyond just its value as scrap. If you want to sell gold, Dallas has many options, between jewelers, pawnshops, and kiosks. Do your research first so that you get the most money for your gold.

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