There are many reasons to buy a pre-owned car over a new one, including cost, insurance rates, and not needing to deal with the steep depreciation that occurs in a car’s first three years. When looking at any type of used vehicle in the local area, including a pre-owned Chevy in Lockport, there are a few things that buyers should keep in mind.

Go To A Dealership

Shopping online for a pre-owned car can be pretty tempting. Certain makes and models will have a lower price, which can make the vehicle seem like it’s too good to pass up. However, buying a pre-owned car from a dealership carries a lot of benefits. Being able to view the car in person, as well as taking it out for a test drive, are essential to making a wise purchase. In addition, buying from a vehicle from a dealership can often carry with it the opportunity to purchase an additional warranty, or to extend basic coverage.


Buyers should avoid starting their pre-owned purchase on the lot, and instead take some time to decide which features and options are essential and which ones aren’t necessary. The intended use for the vehicle should be a major factor in determining which type of car to purchase. A Chevy Silverado may be ideal for the young family next door, but the Camaro may be what’s perfect for that particular buyer – there are many pre-owned options to choose from, and a little bit of research ahead of time can save the buyer time and money in the long run.

Fix A Budget

Setting a budget is another step that buyers need to consider when looking at pre-owned cars. This will determine if financing is needed, and if so, how much. When setting the budget, call the intended dealership to inquire about trade-in value on the existing car (if applicable). This can impact how much the buyer can spend on the pre-owned purchase. It’s also important to keep in mind certain factors like overall cost of the car, cost of insurance, and ongoing maintenance.

Get An Extended Warranty

Many dealerships will offer their own warranty as an extra feature when purchasing a pre-owned car. It is always advisable to do so, especially in cases where the car is of an older make or model. Another tip is to have the car serviced at the same dealership where it was purchased. Buyers are less likely to have issues with warranty acceptance, and will be sure that the technicians are familiar with the make and model of car.

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