In the state of Kansas, business owners are required to purchase auto insurance for every vehicle that they use for their company. These vehicles must have personal auto liability coverage if the owner uses the vehicles for business or even for their personal use. It is also recommended they acquire commercial auto insurance in Wichita KS as well. This guide will explain what to look for when purchasing auto insurance.

What Needs To Be Covered?

Ideally, commercial auto insurance covers any damage that is done to the vehicle itself and also provides coverage for liabilities that may be associated with an accident. The policies are written specifically for the types of vehicles that may be used for business purposes. This includes company cars, trucks, and vans. Fleet insurance is also available.

Do the Contents of The Vehicles Need To Be Insured?

When customers are shopping for Commercial auto insurance in Wichita KS, it is wise to ask if the contents of the vehicles will also be insured. The simple answer is that customers must obtain separate coverage for these items because they won’t be covered under the auto policy. These items are usually covered by the business insurance. However, some exceptions may come into play for products or inventory that are commonly used by the company. Any items with a high-worth should be added to the policy to garner the highest coverage possible.

What Are Other Types Of Insurance Available?

While commercial customers can select liability coverage for their vehicles which include bodily injuries, property damage, combined single limit, and even coverage for medical payments, they may have other options. Why not work with the same insurance company to purchase home and personal insurance, or worker’s compensation insurance? Working with one firm can save not only time but money as well when bundling packages.

Work With a Local Agent for All Insurance Needs

For those in the Wichita area, they should work with someone who can help them get the lowest possible rates on the best coverage plans available. Visit to learn about their many types of coverage and plans. For almost 30 years, customers have relied on them for both personal and business policies.

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