Until recently, many people in the U.S. could not recognize the signs of a bed bug infestation, since the problem was fairly rare. However, the insects have begun spreading throughout the country. There are solutions, and they begin with understanding the problem. Before deciding on a method for Bed Bug Control Columbia Maryland residents should know:

HOW TO TELL IF THEY HAVE BED BUGS: People who begin to wake up with unexplained itching and bites on their body may have bed bugs. Although many insects cause similar symptoms, they usually bite in random patterns. Bed bugs tend to bite in a line.

THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM: Bed bugs travel well, and are very adaptable. They are often brought back to the U.S. when people visit other countries. Although the problem has been uncommon in the U.S. for years, the bugs thrive in many other areas of the world. They come home on affected clothing, and quickly spread throughout the home. The insects may also be found on used mattresses and furniture. When beginning Bed Bug Control Columbia Maryland homeowners may not always be able to identify the source of the problem, since the bugs can hitch a ride on so many things.

DO-IT-YOURSELF OPTIONS: When searching for methods of Bed Bug Control in Columbia Maryland homeowners often find home remedies. These can include spraying alcohol on surfaces. However, this does not kill hidden bugs, or eggs. Many people successfully destroy bugs and eggs by putting clothing and bedding in the dryer, since temperatures that exceed 120 degrees destroy the insects. Others simply toss affected items, and then scrub their homes. These methods usually need to be repeated, and do not always get all bugs.

PROFESSIONAL EXTERMINATION: When customers call pest control experts for Bed Bug Control Columbia Maryland technicians can solve the problem quickly. They understand the insects’ habits and can treat all affected areas. Today’s professionals use products that will not harm household residents or pets. They also guarantee that all bugs will be eliminated.

Bed bugs travel well, and are spreading in the U.S. Some people use home remedies to destroy the bugs, but these methods may not solve the problem. Pest control professionals can efficiently eliminate bed bugs, without using chemicals that harm customers or their pets.

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