A wrongful death claim is when legal action is bought against someone for causing another person’s death. Most people associate wrongful deaths with negligence on the part of a hospital or doctor. However, claims are filed under different circumstances, such as criminal behavior, hazardous conditions and accidents. If you are thinking about filing a claim, it helps to get legal advice from a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Yelm, WA.

There are certain requirements to meet when filing this type of claim, such as a signed death certificate, witnesses, evidence that the person is responsible for the death and family members to testify about financial and emotional pain. If you are suing for pain and suffering, you have to show how the death has changed your lifestyle. It is also helps to talk to a lawyer about the case before filing any legal papers. An experienced lawyer can tell you if a lawsuit can be filed and the chances of winning the suit. Wrongful death cases are complicated. The person filing the claim has to show an indication that the victim was killed by negligence. You must also be able to identify the perpetrator.

It is important to be aware of the regulations for your state. Some states have time limits on filing law suits and you may not be able to file the case after so many years. A jury is more likely to believe someone who files immediately after the accident than someone who waits 12 months. You are trying to convince the jury that you are deeply affected by the accident. Timing is also important in case the police needs to investigate the incident. People who wait too long can forfeit their right to file a claim against someone.

Most attorneys require a meeting with a potential client to go over the case. It is important to bring the necessary paperwork for the initial consultation. Putnam Lieb Potvin of Washington can help with researching and finding evidence to support your claim. This firm is familiar with the local regulations and laws. After the paperwork is filed, the other party is served with the paperwork and given a date to show up in court. A Wrongful Death Lawyer at Putnam Lieb Potvin gives you the best chance of winning your case.


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