For farmers whose crops include barley or wheat, an auger is a vital piece of equipment that allows them to transfer large amounts of grain around their farms. Since this is such an important piece of equipment, this short guide will help to prepare customers who may need to use Augers in Oregon.

Have The Power

Those who need bigger augers that are longer and have wider diameters will need to make sure they have a sufficient power supply on site to run it. Augers can be powered by using a separate electric motor or even a tractor. Farmers who want to run their augers with a tractor should ensure that the revolutions-per-minute of the tractor matches that of the auger.

Match The Auger to The Crop

When farmers need to buy Augers in Oregon, they need to make sure they match it up with the crop, for that will affect the rate of delivery that can be moved within an hour. Processing grains that are wet will necessitate more horsepower and an auger with wider diameters as opposed to augers used for grains that are processed when dry. Farmers should select an auger with higher horsepower and a bigger diameter if the crops are going to be processed while wet.

Make Sure the Size Fits

It is important to measure the grain bins that will be filled by the auger before making a purchase. The auger should be long enough to reach the tallest silo on the property. For grain bins that have been elevated on platforms, customers should make sure that the measurement is taken from the ground up. The diameter of the silo must also be measured because efficient filling of the silo requires that the auger can reach its middle.

Deal With a Local Leader

Customers want to find a mill service company with 24-hour service available. Find more information about one such company that has also been serving customers in Oregon for 40 years. During that time, they have been providing clients with the top-notch sales, service, construction, and repair of their feed and seed processing equipment.

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