On older country properties, it’s common to have a septic tank. If you live on a big property, your plumbing is probably not connected to the sewer. Instead, your waste probably runs into an underground tank that is buried on part of your property.

While having a septic tank can be useful, septic tanks can leak sometimes. You need to be able to check for leaks and you need to know where to find good septic system maintenance in Doylestown, PA if you have a leak.

Checking for Leaks

If you do have a leak, you’re going to need to hire a company that does septic system maintenance in order to get it fixed. However, not everyone knows how to check his or her septic tank for leaks. You should start by looking for any wet patches of dirt or grass near your septic tank. If you see any wet patches and it has not rained in a long time, you could have a septic tank leak.

You can also use your nose to find out whether you have a septic tank leak. Waste never smells good and septic tanks are designed to contain all of the bad smells. If you notice bad smells coming from underground, you might be in need of septic system maintenance.

Why You Should Get it Fixed

You should get your septic tank fixed if you have a leak. Simply call us today and we will be happy to help you with any septic problems you might be experiencing. But why is a septic tank leak so dangerous?

Waste can become toxic if left untreated for a long time. You could risk the waste getting into your water supply, for instance. You could get sick by accidentally drinking contaminated water. Waste can also bring in pests such as insects that could harm your plants. It’s much safer to get a septic leak fixed than to let it linger and risk becoming ill or attracting pests.

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