In an economy as diverse as that in the Chicago area, there is no shortage of potential jobs to apply for. But how do you choose the right company when it comes to finding an intermodal job? Are they all pretty much the same? The answer is definitely “no.” No matter how good the pay, there’s nothing more frustrating than working for the wrong company. Here are some things to look for as you select the best intermodal job in Chicago.

Late-Model Tractors

You are only going to be as successful as the equipment you operate. This holds for all professions. The frustration and wasted time involved with dealing with outdated equipment that’s hanging on by a thin thread are not worth the aggravation. Choose a company with reliable, late-model tractors. You will have a smoother experience, more peace of mind, and, most of all, be able to do your job.

Thoughtful Service Yard Locations

A service yard is always a great asset, but the location of the service yard is as crucial as what’s in it. If the location is not strategically selected, it could be a huge headache to access is. You will want to work for a company whose service yards are placed according to a logical plan, not just anywhere they could find an inexpensive lot. This will make getting to everything you need to do your job easier—and in a wider variety of situations.

A Consistent Company Culture

Feel free to ask a potential employer about their values and what makes the company run beside fuel. The kind of company you work for is going to be as important as the kind of truck you drive. Companies are powered by firm sets of values that everyone on the team can get behind and support. Inquire about what these are, and then see if they align well with your values. Talk openly about this in the interview to make sure you and the company click.

If you’re in the market for an intermodal job in Chicago, swing by Larry’s Cartage Company. They have a great company culture, the right equipment, and well-thought-out service yard locations to make your job easier. You can find out more at or you can call to learn more at 630-920-0772.

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