The threat of lice in Jackson, NJ, is something every parent is familiar with, and hearing your child has lice is something every parent dreads. Head lice primarily spread from person to person contact, but it is possible for them to remain on clothes, bedding, and other surfaces that come in contact with the hair of a person who has lice. If you or your child do end up with head lice, visit your doctor for recommendations on either over the counter shampoos or prescription creams if the case is bad enough. If it is a mild case of head lice, you may be able to simply smother the critters by coating the scalp with tea tree or olive oil. This may provide mixed results but is an option. You may be able to manually remove some of them using tweezers and a comb as well before using a product to deal with the lice.

Once you have a plan of action to deal with the head lice still living on your child, it’s time to call an exterminator. While lice normally don’t propagate on bedding or clothing nor lay eggs there, lice can transfer to fabric and clothing and still survive there for some time. This can make the threat of reinfestation a bit of a tricky problem. Exterminators can use non-hazardous chemicals to kill lice and prevent any further issues from any lice lingering on fabrics, clothes or bedding, and the treatment is similar to that used in dealing with bedbugs. If you are dealing with lice in Jackson, NJ, contact an exterminator for a quote.

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