Many children experience anxiety at the mere mention of the word dentist, but all kids require periodic dental visits to ensure healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. Below are just a few ways to help reduce a child’s dental anxiety that can help parents set their kids up for a lifetime of good oral health.

Choose a Dentist With Dedicated Experience

Many kids find visiting a Children’s Dentist in St Peter MN much less stressful than visiting a general dentist. These specialists can be either dedicated pediatric dentists or family dentists that place an emphasis on catering to the needs of children. The advantage to taking kids to a family dentist is that the children will be able to continue visiting the same office throughout their lives instead of having to find a new one when they become adults.

Get Started Young

Most dental professionals suggest that parents schedule their kids’ first dental visits at either the age of one or the first sign of teeth growing in. This isn’t just because it’s essential to ensure their teeth are growing in healthy. Getting kids started early also helps to get them used to dental visits and all that they entail, reducing any anxiety as they grow up.

Keep Explanations Simple

Many parents make the mistake of explaining too many of the particulars prior to taking their children in for dental visits. This can have the opposite of its intended effect, increasing anxiety by raising more questions. Instead, let the dentist and his or her staff explain the procedures since they know what words to use and what the best practices are for relating to children.

Emphasize the Importance of Oral Hygiene

Parents can explain to their kids the importance of routine dental visits, letting the children know how the dental care team will help the children keep their teeth strong, so they can eat the foods they love. Avoid talking about too many of the particulars, though.

Get Started Today

Parents should take the initiative and get their kids started visiting the dentist early. Find out more about one popular Children’s Dentist in St Peter MN today. Visit or call to schedule an appointment to get started.

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