After getting your new dentures in Evanston, it may take a while to get used to them. It is completely normal to experience gum sensitivity or mild discomfort for a few weeks, however, this will disappear over time. Here are some things to try that may help alleviate your gum sensitivity while wearing your new dental appliances.

Salt Water Rinse

A warm salt water rinse can do wonders for your gum sensitivity. To make a salt water rinse, simply take a small pinch of salt and add it to a full cup of warm water. Be sure you combine the salt and the water well before using it. Take your dentures out and then take a sip of salt water and swish it around your mouth for approximately 30 seconds. Salt water is very soothing and it also has antibacterial properties. If you have friction sores on your gum tissue from your new dentures, rinse your mouth out a few times a day with salt water to lower your risk for infection.

Numbing Gel

When babies start teething, a numbing gel is often recommended to soothe their irritated gums. These anesthetic gels relieve pain so that babies can sleep without oral irritation. Anesthetic gels can also be used on your sore gums to relieve irritation after getting your new dentures in Evanston. Your dentist may prescribe an anesthetic product or may simply recommend that you purchase an over-the-counter numbing gel. These products are typically well-tolerated by everyone and they rarely produce significant side effects.

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