Starting a new exercise program is fun and easy but sticking with it can be more difficult. You can talk yourself out of putting in the effort if you’re busy, feeling tired, or the weather isn’t great. However, there are a few tricks to help you keep on track in the long-term. We compiled them here so you can start your new physical fitness program in New City, NY, off on the right foot and stay there.

Do It for the Right Reasons

People who are motivated externally are those who often don’t stick with it. External motivation means hitting the gym to look for an event or losing weight to impress someone. Instead, you need to be doing it for yourself. Internal motivation is what keeps you going over the long run.

Start Slow

You don’t want to start out doing something that is impossible, because that’s only going to discourage you. Instead, start out slow. Take a few baby steps to begin and work up to the harder stuff. That might mean running only part of a mile the first time out. After you can do that easily, you can start adding more challenge.

Tough It Out

You aren’t going to have perfect form or be the best in your physical fitness program in New City, NY, on your first day. You have to practice before you can reach such high goals. Just keep putting an effort in and sooner or later you’ll be exactly where you want to do.

Switch It Up

Instead of doing the same thing each time you hit the gym, make sure to add some variety to your workout. If you usually jog on the treadmill, try the elliptical trainer next time. You can also switch between free weights and machines for strength training. There’s no need to make things totally different each time, but small changes can be motivating.

Bring a Friend

Whenever you want to sit on the couch with popcorn and a movie instead of hitting the gym, having a friend to workout with you can push you to show up. You can bail on the gym much easier if nobody is counting on your to be there. When you know a buddy is there, you might get up and go.

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