If you are someone who wears dentures in Summerlin, then you know that your dentures are an investment. Not only did they cost a significant amount of money, but they are an investment in your self-image and confidence. If you didn’t have your dentures you might be self-conscious of your missing teeth. Perhaps you talk differently without your dentures or have trouble eating. Because your dentures are necessary to daily living and to feeling good about yourself, you should take good care of that investment.

Cleaning your dentures may be one of the most important parts of caring for them. Just like natural teeth, food products and other debris can get caught in between the teeth on dentures. Brushing dentures, just like brushing teeth, is the best way to remove those food particles. You don’t want to wear down your dentures, so you shouldn’t use a hard brush. A soft brush is best. Even better are brushes that are specially designed for dentures. Brushing Dentures in Summerlin is also a good way to prevent stains from forming on your dentures.

While giving your dentures a good brushing, you should take care not to damage them or bend any metal attachments. It would do you no good to clean your dentures and break them or cause them to become ill-fitting in the process. In addition to brushing you can rinse dentures after every meal. This can quickly remove food and debris if you don’t have time to brush right after meals.

Some cleaning agents can be too harsh on your dentures. Many toothpastes are just fine for natural teeth, but are too abrasive for artificial ones. Household agents, including bleach, can also be too harsh. Bleach can cause the pink gums of your dentures to fade and look unnatural. Cleaners that are made especially for dentures are typically your best bet, but mild hand soap or dishwashing liquid can also be used.

When not wearing your dentures in Summerlin you don’t want them to lose their shape or to dry out; therefore, they need to be kept moist. A glass of water is an effective way to keep dentures wet. However, there are a number of soaking solutions make specifically for dentures that are on the market. You should be wary of these solutions if you have metal parts to your dentures as some soaking solutions can tarnish the metal.

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