Whether you call the Andover area home or you’re in Kansas for vacation, if you have a medical emergency, you’ll probably think about visiting a local hospital. If you can get to a medical facility on your own power, you might want to reconsider visiting an emergency room. As with most emergency rooms around the country, you can expect a very long wait and, unless you have a life-threatening condition, your care is not likely to be expedited. That’s why, if you’re looking for urgent care for a non isn’t life-threatening condition, you’ll want to look for doctors in an urgent care clinic instead of visiting an emergency room.

The great thing about urgent care clinics and medical clinics around the state of Kansas is that these facilities are manned by board certified physicians. They’re not strictly dependent upon registered nurses or physician assistants to provide medical care, such as you would find in a clinic at a drug store. Many of these doctors are specialized in emergency care and general practice procedures. Whether you received a laceration or you’re dealing with a particularly nasty cold, these doctors can diagnose your condition and treat it in much the same way as a doctor in an emergency room or a private practice would do.

Another good thing about these clinics is the availability of care. Unlike private practice physicians, these medical clinics have extended hours and are typically open on weekends. In fact, most clinics that you’ll find, especially the clinic services at WichitaFMS.com, offer hours of 8 AM through 5 PM seven days a week. These facilities also accept a wide range of insurance policies as well as accepting cash payments for medical services.

If you’re in Andover, Kansas for vacation, the last thing you want to think about is getting sick or being hurt the point to where you need to seek medical attention from doctors in Kansas. However, if you do find yourself in that situation, an urgent care medical clinic is your best option. You’ll be seen by a doctor much quicker than you will at an emergency room, and you’ll get the type of care that you expect from a quality medical facility.

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