Wet saws are probably one of the most important tools when working with tile. Wet saws for sale are highly efficient at creating satisfactory cuts on both porcelain and ceramic. Yet, to reap the benefits, you need to know how to use a wet saw correctly.

Wet Saw Basics

It is important to recognize how a wet saw functions. These saws use friction and a diamond-encrusted blade to perform smooth, accurate cuts. This special blade is used in conjunction with a jet spray to add water to the process. This helps maintain the proper blade temperature, and assists in keeping the edges clean and lubricated.

Preparing to Use the Wet Saw

Despite the built-in cleaning function, wet saws for sale can still be somewhat messy. This is largely due to the spraying of water in the area. Therefore, you may need to use plastic, or another protective barrier to keep your workspace clean.

Getting Started

The first step in using a wet saw for sale is to fill the reservoir with water. Next, you will need to draw an outline of the cut on the tile piece. Be sure to adjust the cutting guides on the saw to allow for the desired cut. Then, you will turn on the saw and ensure that the water is contacting the blade. Finally, you will need to push through the tile with a consistent motion to complete the cut.

Finishing Up

To finish the job, work through the end of the tile very carefully. It is easy to break the tile at the endpoint if you rush through the process. Also, make sure you refill the reservoir to have adequate lubrication for the additional cuts.

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