The heating and cooling system in your home is important to maintain because it helps to keep your indoor air clean and comfortable. In order to keep your systems functioning with optimal efficiency you have to conduct regularly scheduled maintenance checks and repair any issues that come up as quickly as possible. The following are some must have items on an HVAC maintenance checklist.

Check filters regularly – It is important to check the filters in your heating and cooling system regularly. Filters help to keep the entire system clean and protected, and help to improve indoor air quality by filtering out dust and other particles that circulate during operation. For the highest efficiency, it is best to clean your filters every month and replace them before they become completely congested and unable to function effectively.

Check for leaks in air ducts – Heating and cooling systems operate through a network of ducts that run throughout the home transporting air to each room. A common problem with HVAC systems is the loss of energy that happens because of air leaks in the duct network. Studies show that up to thirty percent of energy loss happens because of these leaks. However, by performing a simple exercise in looking for and repairing air leaks, the energy loss attributed to this issue is easily brought down to zero.

Inspect ducts for obstructions – One of the most common reasons for HVAC system failure is duct obstruction. Some of the most sited reasons for duct obstruction include issues such as a buildup of dirt, grime and other particles that can reduce or completely stop the flow of air through the system. Dirt collecting on fan blades causes them to slow down tremendously leading to lower efficiency. Another common obstruction problem happens when ducts collapse into themselves or crush, preventing air from flowing through completely.

Use this HVAC maintenance checklist to ensure that your heating, cooling and ventilation system functions optimally. If you need your system repaired or checked by professionals, contact the technicians at Green Air Inc. They will do a thorough examination of your heating and cooling system and then diagnose and repair any existing problems.

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